Wednesday, December 30, 2009

trees grow with the flow

We move together in rhythm with our lungs, holding the tension of years of misrecognition ready to become undone. Stepping forward as we look back at all of the words we would retract if we only had known the way those seeds would grow into distrust.

With an inhale of faith we take one step before another whose face we almost recollected from our soul's mirror. I recognized in you then the middle of a friendship I had been longing to find home within.

We ran together past the beginning, exasperated but diving into the depths of a sea, hoping our histories would hold enough air for us to breathe in each moment to one another's future.


We are bounded by blood, we share DNA, double time rhythm skipping climbing the two of us til we get stranded in the program of our hearts, the coding of our speech, the unfolding of our knowing before we ever knew that together we would sing.



We don't trust enough. The weight of our wings keeps us fighting the sky and being tempted by gravity. Let us help each other remember to sing and dance as we fly alone, following the stream of our flow back to a place that we would like to call 'home.'


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