Monday, March 15, 2010

the seed: of potentialities

Reflecting back on the truths of last night, I heard in my voice a wish to be home again.
I've never felt connected without holding on to a future friend of possibilities.
Actualities can be
at least
At worst
they are scary.

Sometime, in a horizon of maybes, I may find myself settling into a warm bed of skin sensations
a kind of opening
a newness of finding place on my body
peace in my being.

There may even be a day when I stop thinking.

For the past month I have been moving.
and growing and learning and progressing
but slowly.
I've felt like this time it's been under ground
under control
There hasn't been a sweeping up and away

I'm feeling mindful of the steps I take
of the way that my body shifts its weight with each passing day
and within a space that remains always open.
Potentialities lay before me and my breathing keeps up
with me
in you
there is a quietude, a sense of ease
a non-questioning
not worried.
not groundless so not afraid

There is only a risk that you will be healthy
a healthy risk that I've never had the opportunity to appreciate.


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