Sunday, October 31, 2010


Who would have thought that my first ever appearance on national television would be on ESPN of all channels, and during a football game nonetheless!?! I haven't even been to a PSU game, and I don't intend to.

But one thing does make sense: I love food and I love to eat. So, Yun and I went to lunch at one of our favorite date places, Herwigs, where they just happened to be filming a feature for the "Taste of the Town" segment and asked if we would participate.

You can find it here.

By the way, this also means that two big lesbians (on a lunch date) were on ESPN last night.

And here's the proof that I finished my plate!


  1. :D Were you not nervous to be on tv? The food looked good.:)

  2. not really, just a little awkward being fed. but we didn't realize it would air nationally! we thought it would just be a local commercial or something. And the food was delicious!

    By the way, I've noticed that you spent some time in Taiwan. My girlfriend is from Taipei. That why I started following the "hungry girl" blog because I've been dreaming of going and eating all of the night market food.

  3. I was in Taiwan last spring.:) The night markets are wonderful!I recommend Danshui night market area.^^