Saturday, December 4, 2010

Existential Themes and the Meaning of Life

I've now recorded the fifth video for my "Think for a Change" channel on Youtube. I think some of the earlier videos went more smoothly, but I appreciate my cat's presence in this one, even if he is distracting to me.


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  2. he is a character. and he is loved very much.

    p.s. thanks for watching!

  3. do you think that most people make decisions with the concept of local or remote impact in mind? i might argue that most people do not... which might be where structured institutions become necessary... whether they be religious institutions or social frameworks (laws/customs/values). the true social ailment, in mind mind, lies in when these institutions go awry... these institutions are far more dangerous than individuals (in most cases).

    not a philospher... just a curious wanderer. i liked the video.


  4. Hey Becca,

    I agree with you that institutions play an important role in people's lives and decisions, but I also think that many people make many, many decisions on such a small level, which have big impacts on their lives and the lives of others', without having this in mind.

    Thanks for watching!!