Sunday, November 1, 2009

for words that don't come easy

I'm convinced we must know and love one another, and in fact, we already do.

Last night I found you states away feeling sad and confused in my living room. It was 2 a.m. on my end of the earth when communication stopped, and then I heard. I heard your heart explain the strain that feeling disconnected and alone can place on one's hope of ever finding family again and feeling at home. I heard the quiet questions about how sometimes life can go on for ages without a singing heart, and other times, the sweetest little life only manages two days. I heard the worry of what it means to know that when we feel all alone there may be scarce arms to hold tight to, that lives can be predicted to end soon. But soon we recalled (together again) that miracles happen every moment--we simply overlook and forget--like how we manage to connect through our telepathic fingers when our voices are lost.

And I wish to say for others, who at the same time were in the midnight sky on their way to hold crying mothers holding dying mothers holding on to any possible reason for why we are so fragile, know that life is strong. You have found your way to my pages so that we, and I, can be reminded of the power of everyday, the need to say thanks for what already has been and is the case, and to pray for more grace to be able to sustain through the journeys that lead to more questions and confusion. We are all so very young in the end, no matter when it manages to come. But we are all so very loved and connected, and we find our way into each others' minds, each others' hearts, each others' lungs.

Last night we lit candles for peace and justice, for life and beauty, for love and family. This morning we woke with still more faith that the days keep moving on as a testament to our strength. Let us be reminded that the gravity of today is only enough to keep us grounded. Let us feel the weight of our falling and know: Love is what we make when we hold one another with our faith that this is the way....



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