Sunday, November 1, 2009

just like breathing. easy.

It's surprising that I haven't been able to write for seven days now after spending a week's worth of nights listening to your voice and the sounds of my blood rushing past my heart and into my unclenched fists. After seeing how much it means to let go and trust freely, to share the deepest fears and feelings, to be secure with a stranger who's never felt more familiar, I want to give you my breath.

I want you to feel with each exhale the way you are. so beautiful. I want you to catch with each gasp an image of divine light that painfully emanates from one hundred sets of your eyes. I want you to absorb the inspiration that comes with your vision, the vibration that comes at your touch.

With each inhale I wish for you to accept a second body, a second home. To become a wholeness, growing day by day to be able to give in the vein you imagined years ago. I wish for you, with each breath in, to be more present with the love at this moment than you've ever been, to see how incredibly you manifest miracles, you become art, you create magic.

You are that source.

I believe. in breath. you are.



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