Sunday, November 1, 2009

a year in a month

I just need a few more pages to uncover all of the stages of life one can go through in a night. I felt born anew as I crawled in bed and breathed naked next to you. The world was so small then, nothing but four corners and a sheet, and the sun kissed back, so we made love through our feet. I rested upon your chest gaining strength and the courage to grow up just a little more, to try out my hand at being a lover. This is what inhales are for- to fuel this desire, to reveal my world and have it collide with yours, to shake the windows and the doors.

I've never felt so comfortable sleeping on the floor. This is the time where we go down and out of light like living week to week with only the strength of our bodies to support us. And then we were married. You said "yes" and I guess I did too without even knowing what this meant for me and you. Vows were exchanged as I bit your neck, I said I want you to bleed with me for never has there been a love like this.

At dinner we prepared ourselves to finally settle down and silence set in as I slid my toes along your shin. I told you I was just a little afraid. You said, "Baby, don't worry. I've got nothing but praises to sing in your name and I'll give myself wholly because it's worth it just to have this moment right here." So I slept better that night with your breath in my hair.

I woke up in heaven with the blinds bending in the light of not knowing how, why, or where this was going to take us in the end. It was a lifetime in a weekend, and if nothing else, I'll be sure to remember that you're certainly a friend. Already we've endured heartbreak, silence, tension, love, satisfaction, dreams, questions, and the Ultimate in trusting. the truth found in being. quiet now. so silent now. so still.


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