Sunday, November 1, 2009

"I don't feel like writing this paper on Husserl"

I want to watch the clouds part between my eyes and hear about love that lasts lifetimes. Then I want to love like that.

I want to taste the wind through budding branches and discern the scent of birthing new leaves. Then I want to leave those trees feeling born again.

I want to feel water flow through my veins and color it red outside the lines on the palm of my hand and touch your lips with passion.

Then I want to breathe.

I want to breathe in hope to replace the days that never offer a moment of silence, for the ones that went out with a bang after the debris settled from an explosion on a home full of sleeping dreamers who were dreaming up peace, and I want to place a daisy on the grave of all those moments that were too quick to let out a whimper but instead remain anonymous in the books of my memory.

I want to read up on love and remember that I once wrote it on the streets in an intersection with sidewalk chalk making it the destination where every traveler stopped.

I want love to be that which guides me.

Love, show me all that I’ve forgotten about how colors bleed into each other to make everything beautiful. Remind me how once this ocean was so blue to my eyes but it was clear to my feet, how I felt the world at my fingertips so I made a sign for peace and held my breath until the stripes waved white, how the blackness of your fire created space for light bright enough to penetrate the darkest of minds. Fill my body with memories of tears, soreness, and stomach aches brought on by laughter. Sing away the pain of hate from those who should have known better with an embrace that rocks away centuries of sorrow for those who eventually forgave.

And please bring us words that mend the cracks of war so that we can learn to hold each other.


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